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Visit Our National Parks

Montana Adventure House is conveniently located 90 minutes to Yellowstone National Park and a few scenic hours to Glacier National Park.

From the Montana Adventure House you can travel to the North entrance in Gardiner, Montana or the West entrance in West Yellowstone. The north entrance brings you to the Roosevelt Tower, Boiling river, and Mammoth Hot Springs. The west entrance brings you to the Grand Prismatic Spring, Old Faithful, Grant Village and Yellowstone lake.

Old Faithful geyser erupts at Yellowstone National Park as a young bison grazes nearby. The famous geyser erupts at an average interval of 90 mins, expelling up to 8,400 gallons of boiling water. 

Glacier National Park

Drive along one of the worlds most scenic routes Going to the Sun Road. Glacial mountains and magnificent wildlife are in abundance so have your cameras ready. There is 1,583-sq.-mi. of wilderness area to explore with glacier-carved peaks and valleys running to the Canadian border that include over 700 miles of hiking trails. Other activities include backpacking, cycling and camping. 

Glacier National Park has an abundance of wildlife: Grizzly bears, Mountain Goats, Elk, Deer, Lynx, Moose, Bighorn Sheep, Wolves and more

Elk creekside at Yellowstone
Mountain Goat in Glacier
Montana Wildlife View
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